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Sherpa Tensing™

Dir ist Natur wichtig? Auch wir kümmern uns.

SHERPA TENSING has been developed and produced by Steinfels Swiss in Winterthur since 2003. Protecting our environment is one of the most important issues facing us today.


  • We promote environmentally-friendly development and production.

  • We support our customers in their commitment to environmentally friendly products.

  • We give preference to suppliers who pay close attention to sustainable production and who can demonstrate that they are making the necessary efforts in this field.

  • We support our customers in their sustainable behaviour through our products.

  • We use new technologies to achieve environmentally friendly, energy-optimized solutions, minimize waste and ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

  • We define sustainability goals that are measured and inspected on an annual basis, and social aspects are communicated openly and effectively.

  • We respect the dignity of people and animals.

  • We are committed to effective and fair competition, do not engage in practices that hinder competition and reject any kind of corruption and bribery.

  • We communicate environmental aspects openly and effectively and work together with authorities and stakeholder groups to achieve solutions

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Steinfels Swiss is carbon-neutral. We use district heating from the waste recycling plant in Winterthur for production purposes and for heating our buildings. Each year we draw almost 5,000 tonnes of steam, which corresponds to about 300,000 litres of heating oil. This allows us to avoid emitting around 880 tonnes of CO2.

If we had to offset this amount of CO2, we would have to plant over 80,000 pine trees.


Our photovoltaic system produces an average 100,000 kWh of solar power every year. This equates to the consumption of about 25 households and saves around 50 tonnes of CO2 per annum.​


All of our electricity requirements are covered by carbon-neutral and environmentally-friendly hydroelectric power.



We award contracts for external production primarily to workshops that help include people with disabilities in the world of work.

For example, SHERPA TENSING combi-sticks and lipstick are packaged in a workshop for the disabled.

We offer modern employment conditions with excellent social benefits. We believe in protecting employees both in the workplace as well as their private environment. We provide our employees with continuous training and offer training positions to young people. Our aim is to train two commercial students and one machine operator each year.



Sherpa Tensing uses recycled packaging material and is gradually switching to sustainable packaging.

More about recycled tubes.

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