Did you know that Sherpa Tensing is a true Winterthur product?

Since 2003 the Swiss sun protection brand has been part of the portfolio at Winterthur-based Steinfels Swiss and is developed, produced and marketed exclusively in Winterthur.


We are proud of the specialists in our in-house development and research laboratory whose many years of experience in developing sun protection products help us continuously create new products and keep all our products in line with the latest scientific discoveries. The development of our sun protection products is significantly influenced by the needs of our customers.

Coop Forte Sherpa, Sonnencrème, Winterthur


The Sherpa Tensing sun milk bottle has remained the same for over 10 years and is a real eye catcher with its orange lid. Our versatile machinery at Steinfels Swiss offers the best means of filling not just bottles, but also jars, tubes and canisters of any shape or form. In the final production step, a quality check takes place according to Swiss quality standards, based on a quality management system.


For over 20 years Steinfels Swiss has been a leader in the development and manufacture of sustainable products and solutions for cleaning, hygiene, body care and cosmetics. We are continuously honing our ability to produce innovative, environmentally-friendly and sustainably manufactured products that meet the latest standards.

We are carbon neutral and use district heating from the waste recycling plant in Winterthur for production purposes and for heating our buildings. This allows us to avoid emitting around 880 tonnes of CO2. If we had to offset this amount of CO2, we would have to plant over 80,000 pines.

Our photovoltaic system produces an average 100,000 kWh of solar power every year. This is enough to power around 25 households and saves emitting around 50 tonnes of CO2 per year. 100% of the electricity we use comes from carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly hydroelectric power.

Sherpa Tensing Nachhaltigkeit


We offer modern workplaces, are committed to providing ongoing training for our employees, and train commercial apprentices and equipment operators each year.

Any external product finishing, for example the packaging of Sherpa Tensing combisticks, is primarily outsourced to workshops that help include people in the world of work (e.g. Stiftung Zukunft in Frauenfeld and Bildungsstätte Sommeri).

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